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Pen Plus Diabetic Supply Case For Travel by Glucometers
Multi-Function Universal EVA Hard Case For Glucose Meter
Lazy design EVA Glucometer Case
Nylon bag for blood glucose meter kit
Diabetic Glucometer Hard Case
 Soft sleeve cover for glucose meter kit
Rotating Clip Case For Insulin Pump  Medtronic
Pump case with metal clip insulin pump pouch  flip-down pouch with metal clip

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NICEKEYS, founded in 2006 , is a modern leather manufacturing company. The company is headquartered in Dongguan City , owns Qi Yun Electronics Co. , Qi Yun leather handbag , Jiangxi leather goods branch , to be completed by electronic products and handbags , leather goods and other manufacturing processes of our production, design, sales , OEM / ODM production and export of diversified modern science and technology companies .

The factory area over 3000 square meters , employs more than 200 people. Products related to electronic , digital , computer, automotive, packaging , printing, home gifts , toys and other fields. 

Innovation and high quality are our core pursuit of the company and Apple , Lenovo, Patriots , New unadorned , Shinco and many other well-known enterprises at home and abroad to cooperate , not only to achieve the benefits of growth , but also enhance their production capacity and R & D level, but will tireless pursuit of excellence.

We have a dedicated, efficient , experienced and professional team . Companies follow the " ancestors funeral " principle , adhering to the " hard work , innovation and excellence " core philosophy , won the majority of customer trust and satisfaction, but also by the industry 's attention and recognition.

NICEKEYS, wonderful bloom ! We warmly welcome friends to sample or letter negotiations , please contact us , visit the guide .