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Pen Plus Diabetic Supply Case For Travel by Glucometers
Multi-Function Universal EVA Hard Case For Glucose Meter
Lazy design EVA Glucometer Case
Nylon bag for blood glucose meter kit
Diabetic Glucometer Hard Case
 Soft sleeve cover for glucose meter kit
Rotating Clip Case For Insulin Pump  Medtronic
Pump case with metal clip insulin pump pouch  flip-down pouch with metal clip

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Company Culture,Core Concepts,Core Value:
A.  Do the most valuable thing with most suitable person and care for each worker
B.  Keep striving: striving in one’s career with professional dedication
C.  Keep innovative: withhold bold innovation spirit in products, services, technologies and management.
D.  Pursuit extraordinary: High standard and requirement, there is no best, only better.
E.  Grateful heart: with strong social responsibility in each individual and within the company, help colleague, help community and vulnerable groups, advocate harmonious life.
F.  Win-win: Achievement on others and oneself

Professional dedication with passion, high efficient implementation, striving in career
Prepared to carry responsibilities and actively face new tasks and challenges 
Stay curious, keep learning and pursuit extraordinary
Live with grateful heart and make return to the society.

Core strategy:
Build professional service-oriented team, seek for high-quality and extraordinary innovative design.

Operation Concept:
Do your work with heart and let customers, staff and oneself feel moved.

Management Concept:
Care for the growth of worker and provide favorable working environment and incentive mechanism for them;
Perfect the work training system and career development channel for workers and make them feel the happiness to grow with company.
Fully respect and trust workers, and keep guide, courage them and make them feel the happiness of accomplishment. As long as you possess ability and specialty, there will be rooms for your development.

Team spirit:
Everyone is a part of the company and the team.
There will be improvements in you as long as there are improvements in the company.
Success will be yours with team cooperation.
With full view of situation, we can cooperate with other teams and achieve the mutual goals.
Glad to share professional knowledge and experiences to grow together with colleagues

Work style in NICEKEYS:
Stick on things which other people thought it was simple, and complete things others thought it was impossible.